New Year New Designs

Well finally got back to work having been away a few months and now ready to make some more rings.

Started on one today with many more orders to complete.
Also seem to have sold out of pendants so I had better get back to making them. The biggest change this year is I will be moving workshops next month. So I will keep you informed of the move. Better get back to work now and dont forget you can see my work on Etsy found here –


Slate black wedding rings

Handmade rustic finish flat 6mm wedding ring with a grey, black coloured effect like some of the slate in the Lake District.

It is made from sterling silver with the rustic finish being added to the outside and sides with the inside a brushed finish. An affordable wedding ring for a man who wants something a bit different.

The ring is available in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm widths to make a matching set for your partner.

I make this ring to order and I usually require about two to three weeks for producing it.

For any questions regarding the rings, making times or have a special request just get in touch.

slate-flat-6mm-1 slate-flat-6mm-2 slate-flat-6mm-3 slate-flat-6mm-box slate-flat-6mm-hand

Honister wedding ring.

So, another month and this is my latest design. Honister is made from a heavy silver band and set with rose gold sections.

The Honister Pass in the Lake District is driven over by a narrow road which is steep and treacherous in the winter. At the top, however is a fantastic view and an interesting slate mine to visit.

The design is inspired by an old rusting cog I saw from some mining equipment. It makes a good rustic design for a man.

The ring seen here is a 6mm but I can make this from 4mm up to 8mm wide.

The rose gold can also be changed for silver, or yellow gold.

The black gave the best background for these photos and you can also see a video of the ring on my YouTube channel.

Hope you like it.

honister-court-silver-9rose-6mm-1 honister-court-silver-9rose-6mm-2 honister-court-silver-9rose-6mm-3 honister-court-silver-9rose-6mm-box honister-court-silver-9rose-6mm-hand

Lakeland Path 8mm wedding ring in silver

This is one of my new designs I made a few months back and is now showing to be quite a popular mans ring.

The Lakeland Path name comes from a stoney path I was reminded of when I was walking around Lake Ullswater in the Lake District, Cumbria.

It is made in silver but could also be done in gold. The ring comes in 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm widths and is a good heavy court band.

I hand stamp the pattern and the coloured patination sits well in the hollows.

As always, I have done a range of photos and I am now trying out video so you should be able to see a movie of this band on the website soon.

The metal when worn will not tarnish but should the band be left off the hand for a few months then a quick rub of a cloth should bring the silver back to new.

Now I am going for some lunch then going to have a go with my video. See you later Richard.

lakeland-path-white-court-8mm-2 lakeland-path-white-court-8mm-3 lakeland-path-white-court-8mm-box lakeland-path-white-court-8mm-handlakeland-path-white-court-8mm-1

Gretna Green Diamond Anvil Wedding Rings

I love the richness of red gold and with diamonds it adds an extra sparkle. Here is a Gretna Green Anvil wedding ring made in the rose gold with diamonds set either side.

I make these rings in a heavy court style which have a good depth so the diamonds do not show through the back.

The ring seen is 6mm and was made for a man but I can make this range from 4mm to 8mm with diamonds.

If you want more information visit my website or call me on 01228 526554.

Hope you like the pictures, Richard.

anvil-red-diamond-6mm-1 anvil-red-diamond-6mm-2 anvil-red-diamond-6mm-3 anvil-red-diamond-6mm-4 anvil-red-diamond-6mm-box

Black raw conflict free diamond ring

Just made this one for the start of the month. I am hoping to have another few made soon but cant get to them for brides and grooms wanting bands LOL. shouldn’t complain with all the work.

Diamond is 1.46ct natural raw black and is a nice kite shape. Made this in all rose gold as it seems to set well against the black colour. Rustic texture to finish the band off. Hope you like my pics.

If you want you can see it here with some other rings


Pebble Hammered yellow gold wedding rings.

Pebble Hammered design with textured outside and matt brushed inside finish.

This ring is available in yellow and white gold, platinum and silver. I make this from 2mm to 8mm widths

This wedding ring is made in my own workshop and is not available from a high street jeweller.

A design for an individual or couple looking for something unique. Inspired from the pebble beach at St Bees head in Cumbria.

pebble-yellow-court-2mm-1 pebble-yellow-court-2mm-2 pebble-yellow-court-2mm-3 pebble-yellow-court-2mm-4 pebble-yellow-court-2mm-box

Water Reeds designer handmade wedding band

Water Reeds wedding ring with an oxidised textured and matt finish.

I made this ring from sterling silver on a 8mm wide flat band. The idea came from seeing the water reeds seen on Lake Windermere in Cumbria.

Each one is handmade with a unique pattern made on every ring so no band will look the same.

The wedding ring is made to order and you can order it from any of my shops. I was very pleased with the photos of the ring which gives a very realistic view of what the band looks like.

water-reeds-white-8mm-1 water-reeds-white-8mm-2 water-reeds-white-8mm-3 water-reeds-white-8mm-box water-reeds-white-8mm-hand

Sunrise wedding ring

Sunrise wedding ring with a rustic finish and matt brushed inside. Made from silver and 22ct gold.

This ring is 8mm wide but also comes in other widths from 3mm to 6mm.

I was making this early in the day, and it remined me of the sun as it rose over the Lake District fells. I can see them through my window and it seemed an appropriate name for the wedding band.

So here are the photos of the new ring.

sunrise-8mm-1 sunrise-8mm-2 sunrise-8mm-3 sunrise-8mm-box sunrise-8mm-hand

New raw diamond solitaire rings

Wedding ring season is on us again and I am stupidly busy in the workshop with lots of couples wanting handmade wedding bands.

However I am always getting asked about engagement rings since I introduced my range last year.

So here are two I have just made with hopefully some more to follow. I also have a beautiful raw 6ct Tanzanite in but I am still thinking what to do with that one.

Hope you like the photos. If you want to see more visit here.

Thanks Richard.