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Does Gretna Green Still Have the Romance of Old?

If you haven’t heard of Gretna Green, where have you been?  Gretna Green has been a wedding venue since 1754, and today it is still the UK’s number one wedding destination, with couples travelling from across the globe to tie the knot inside the famous Blacksmith’s Shop or in the Anvil Hall.

A range of Venues

But Gretna Green has plenty of other venues to host your wedding in too – besides the Blacksmith’s Shop, there are 4 other venues which accommodate various numbers of guests, from the stunning splendour of the Anvil Hall, to the more intimate setting of Bonshaw Tower.  There’s no denying that getting married at Gretna Green is still shrouded in a certain mystery and romance.

Historical Roots

Gretna Green became famous as a venue for eloping couples in the 1700’s.  In Scotland, no parental consent is needed for couples over the age of 16 to wed, which led to hundreds of thousands of couples in love eloping to Gretna Green from England to tie the knot.  Buses on the London to Edinburgh route changed at Gretna Green, attracting even more young runaways who hopped on the Stagecoach bus to get hitched here.  Today, there are no residential restrictions on those wishing to get married in Scotland, and although you need to serve notice to the Registrar prior to your wedding date, lovers continue to come to Gretna Green for a traditional wedding.

Something for Everyone

One of the keys to the romantic ambience of Gretna Green lies in its ability to cater for all tastes.  Because it has grown with the times, there are now a range of venues to suit all sizes of Gretna Green wedding, from an intimate ceremony in the Blacksmith’s shop to a larger, more elaborate affair in the Anvil Hall.  Every aspect of your wedding can be customised to suit, and many couples find that it costs less to get married at Gretna Green than some other, pricier destinations in the UK, ensuring that it remains a popular choice for young romantics from across the country and further afield.

Gretna Green will always have a special place in the heart of romantic couples everywhere, and Gretna Green weddings will continue to grow in popularity as the venue evolves with the times.

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  • Nov 01, 2018
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