How to get married in Gretna Green. Frequently asked Questions.  

For many years I have made the Anvil and Thistle original designed wedding rings specially for Gretna Green and Scottish weddings.

But there is more to getting married than the final act of putting your wedding bands on, and below I have listed what you need to do to get you to the Anvil Alter.   
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Book a date (and be flexible in the days).

It is very important to make a start as soon as you can for your wedding. Choose a rough date and look around the different venues there are to be married in. Make a note of phone numbers and give them all a call.

You will find a wide variety of prices and you may not get the dates you are after so this is where you need to be flexible.

This is particularly important as there is a high demand for certain times of the year i.e. Valentines, Christmas or notable dates like 22/2/22.
When a religious ceremony is being planned, whether it be in a church or hotel, you should also remember to contact the minister or clergyman who will conduct the ceremony.

For a civil marriage, you should make advance arrangements with the Registrar.
The choice of venues for civil marriage ceremonies is now much wider and  the local Council have the power to approve places where civil marriages can be conducted by registrars.

Don’t forget If your reception is in another place make sure you can get the same dates.

Apart from the regular items to sort out such as wedding dress, best man/woman (yes don’t forget to ask him/her), cake and flowers there is the M10 legal form that needs to be filled in. 

Conditions you both need to meet to get Married.

Any two persons, regardless of where they live can be married provided that the following conditions are met.

1 - Both persons must be at least 16 years of age on the day of their marriage

2 - They are not related within any of the forbidden degrees of relationship

3 - They are free to marry

4 - They are capable of understanding the nature of the marriage ceremony and of consenting to marriage

5 - The marriage would be recognised as valid in any foreign country to which either party belongs

Please note, You can no longer just turn up and expect to be married. The shortest period required for arranging your wedding is 30 working days as this is how long it takes the Registrars to check your documents and draw up your marriage schedule.

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Whether you are having a religious ceremony or a civil one the Bride and Groom must each complete the Marriage Notice Form (M10) found HERE

Send the two Marriage Notice Forms M10 to-
Gretna Registry Office,
Central Avenue,
Dumfries & Galloway,
DG16 5AQ

For more information we suggest you contact the Gretna Green Registrar Office.

You can contact The Gretna Registration Office by telephoning 01461 337648 or by going to their website at

More Info .

For a religious ceremony the Bride and Groom must collect the marriage schedule from the Gretna Registration Office on the day of the wedding or up to seven days before.

Please check the opening times of the Gretna Registration Office as at present it is closed on Sunday and Monday.

Hand the marriage schedule to the Minister before the wedding ceremony.

The bride and Groom must return the marriage schedule to the Gretna Registration Office within three days of the ceremony.

Don't forget you must also arrange for two persons, aged 16 years of age or over, to be present at your marriage to act as witnesses.

For a civil ceremony contact the venue for your wedding and the hotel will provide you with their own requirements.

Wedding at Gretna Green

Don’t forget the Wedding Rings. (Yes I have to say this don’t I)

You will have lots to think about for your special day but one thing I can help you with is your wedding rings.

I make many styles, all original designs and made in my own workshop, so please have a look. Rings usually take three to four weeks to make.

Thank you

Richard Harris